20 Best Investing Blogs of 2016Being a good investor is all about education.  There are so many facets to investing, that one person or blog just doesn’t have everything.  In fact, you can spend years and years researching investing, and there will still be things to learn or stones left to turn. That’s why it’s important to turn to the best investing blogs.

This is the third edition of the best investing blogs to follow. We stared this list to put together a single resource of amazing investors and their blogs – and over time that list has changed and evolved.

So, if you want to continue to learn and read about interesting investment ideas, follow the investing blogs on this list.  While they may not all be professional investors (although some are, and make a living from it), they all write about their experiences and share their knowledge.

Get your bookmarks ready, here are the 20 best investing blogs of 2016:


The Best Investing Blogs of 2016

This list of the best investing blogs of 2016 is in alphabetical order by last name (so please don’t think this is force-ranked in any way).

Jim Blankenship, Financial Ducks In A Row

Financial DucksJim is a financial planning expert and he shares his knowledge across a variety of platforms. His blog Financial Ducks in a Row talks about guidance for your retirement, education funding, and more. While not strictly investment focused – it really helps you understand the structure of vehicles for your investments (which can sometimes be a bigger battle).

Jim’s Blog: Financial Ducks In A Row

Follow him on Twitter: @FinancialDucks

A favorite post: Ready, Set Go! When To Start A Pension Payout

Josh Brown, The Reformed Broker

Josh BrownJosh has a fun blog (and Twitter account), where he shares his market insights, and insights on pretty much everything that crosses his mind. That’s what makes following Josh Brown so interesting – the guy is a pro-investor and is on every major financial news network at least once a week. Yet he blogs, and is interesting – just check out my favorite post from this year below!

Josh’s Blog: The Reformed Broker

Follow him on Twitter: @reformedbroker

A favorite post: Guarding Against Unforced Errors

Ben Carlson, A Wealth of Common Sense

A Wealth of Common SenseBen does a great job explaining really complex investment stuff in a simple way. He doesn’t get too caught up in this hot trend or that, but he uses real life examples to highlight bigger, more important concepts. Be blogs almost everyday, and the articles are pretty good length. Check it out if you want some macro level insights.

Ben’s Blog: A Wealth of Common Sense

Follow him on Twitter: @awealthofcs

A favorite post: Managing Risk vs. Managing Returns

Kathryn Cicoletti, Ms. Cheat Sheet

MakinSense BabeKathryn is on of 


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